Community Voices In Action

Community Voices in Action is an organization that seeks to educate and advocate on behalf of Green Bay and Brown County’s most vulnerable citizens. We feel that the homeless population is generally underserved and unrepresented in our area. We provide an avenue for homeless individuals to speak up and take a stance for themselves and their values.

As we move forward, there will undoubtedly be more obstacles to overcome and more issues to solve. CVIA is part of a larger community that must work together to make a community in which everyone can live comfortably and safely on their own terms.

What can YOU do?
A community needs participation from their citizens to function as fairly and with as much accountability as possible.
We are looking to provide a voice for those who normally would not have a voice. We seek to offer an avenue for homeless individuals to advance their ideas in hopes of creating a truly greater Green Bay and Brown County.
Come join us and share your story. In order to make change in a society, people need to let themselves be heard.
Come speak up and join us as we try to better our community as a whole.

for more information, please email us at the address on the top of the page.